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The music industry in Nigeria is finally at its prime, the afrobeat sound is international, music acts like Starboy’s Wizkid, DMW’s Davido, Marvin’s Tiwa Savage just to mention a few are getting the international recognition they deserve for a new music revolution

Facts still remains that in a music industry where the norm is to put has much free music you have out, get the popularity you need and then make money on the road, off shows…. Are this big artists really making money in terms of Digital royalties?

And what about the up and coming artists, is there any hope for them, in a industry where music consumers are used to having music content for free

Vibespot Music - The New Music Revolution

The New Music Revolution

THE CHNG BLOG sits with the Ceo of VibeSpot Music World, on how this problems can be solved in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, the African Market and World at Large.

The CHNG Blog : Good day to you Sir, thank you for your time. Kindly tell us your name, company, invention name and website URL?

IFEDE : Thank you very much for having me. My name is Ifede Oluwadara. Ceo of VibeSpot Music World. And we have created the first of its kind Music Streaming Platform called VibeSpot.

Our website is

The CHNG Blog : Please could you tell us a little bit about where you are based, your background experience how you first started creating things?

IFEDE: I grew up in a couple of places in Lagos and Ogun state Nigeria. As a young boy, I loved thinking around how to make things easier, a better and more effective way of doing things. I had taught of several things in the past I never really did have the courage to get it done. The ideas kept coming but I never did anything about them. Many times I end up seeing someone doing it years after. I’ve always considered myself pretty inventive. If there was a problem, I’d find a solution!
I went through secondary school like every other child of my age, pretty good memories, I always had bigger dreams.

I started up as an artist in the ever increasingly demanding and voracious music industry after discovering I had a keen interest for music. After releasing a couple of singles it didn’t take me long to discover the problems and challenges faced by the industry especially the business and publicity aspect mostly affecting the up and coming artist. So naturally my attention was drawn to finding a solution to these problems.

The CHNG Blog : Please could you tell me a little bit about your invention, what it is, and how you came up with the idea to be the new music revolution?

IFEDE : VibeSpot is a mobile application for both artist and fans. The app helps connect the artist to his audience based on location, which is our number one solution. How can an up and coming artist make sales?

The app would curb the excesses of music aggregators and ensure artist gets their money and talents worth. However, the app is not without benefit for the fans, asides having first hand access to brilliant songs by yet to be known future Superstars and already known superstars, the fans also get a certain percent of profits earned by the artist for all songs sold. This way both artist and fans benefits from the music industry.

These among many other awesome features are the things we worked on and it promises to bring a revolution to the music industry, one we have long awaited.

The CHNG Blog: What were the first steps you took after having your idea?

IFEDE: First I suspended my music career and did a lot of research on the subject matter, then I switched from writing and singing into promotions. I had to put myself right in the middle of the business aspect of music so I could see the problems up-close. So I became a music promoter( Ifedee promotions) and I have managed quiet a number of up and coming artist, I saw the challenges they faced (rather that we face) and with that knowledge I began to brainstorm on solutions till I had a book full of ideas to solve majority of the problems. Then I consulted my very good friends whom I knew could help turn a Dream To Reality for the new music revolution

The CHNG Blog: May we know your friends.

IFEDE: Credits to Dr Asorobi Opeyemi. They have something that’s really different in how they approach ideas and how they think about it. And they think much bigger than most people.

The CHNG Blog: Did you try and patent or protect your idea in any way and how did you go about it?

IFEDE: YES, we have all the legal requirements properly handled.

The CHNG Blog: What do you think would be the most difficult elements of bringing your invention to market?

IFEDE: Now we are going back to the roots of buying a Compact Disk. In the sense that you need to buy the song to have unlimited access to it.. which is a Download Model.. Only this time, you can’t share to a third party what you paid for..

The CHNG Blog: How long do you think it would take from your initial idea to taking it to market, I mean when would you launch.

IFEDE: We would launch in grand style, January 2019. On Apple Store and Google play

INTERVIEWER: What have you found are the best ways of promoting your invention?

IFEDE: I think generally the best way is educating the public about the music revolution, the Nigerian music creators and consumers on why we need this platform. Starting with the A List artists…..

And we changing the whole music scene for good.

For whoever is moved by this new music revolution . Follow VibeSpot on all social media platforms. Be the First to know. When we launch..

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