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Vibespot is the leading music distributor in Africa to sell your music with the timely payout for both Fans and Artists.
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Our Features

We built Vibespot and Vibespot For Artist Applications in an effort to change the music industry for the better, with the way we listen, the way music is distributed, and more importantly revenue share for everyone.


  • Well automated push notifications
  • Incentives for the music fans
  • state vibes
  • Well curated playlisting
  • Advance search for any music


Provides data and insights on streaming performance, audience demographics, and playlist placements for songs on Vibespot. These platforms can be helpful in tracking the performance of a song and understanding its audience.
  • Up to Date statistics on Music Streams
  • Up To Date Statistics on Artist Revenue
  • Playlist placements for songs
  • Provides data on plays, likes for tracks on Vibespot.
  • Insights on streaming performance

Youtube Streaming 

Vibespot is a music enhancement application that helps you organize your music playlist and videos. Enjoy YouTube through vibespot!

Other Platform Services

Vibespot also provides services to distribute your songs to other platforms in synchronization with Vibespot. You can have your song on listed of Spotify, iTunes, and many more.

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